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23 July 2008 @ 03:39 am
 Catch you up to date on my latest and greatest events.  Had a great time in Seattle including a 30 minute 3 some with tomasina and a really cool guy named Rick.  Last night the boy-man (23) came over and got some world famous head in my garage.  Tonight I got to spend an hour with Paul in Wichita on a moment's notice.  Had really great G spot Ohhhhs from fancy fucking again. The safe of all places for round one.  Round two was on the bed but in a new scissor position. Round three was deeper and harder at the foot of the bed with my knees tight together. All that and I am still ready for more.  I fear there is no limit to my sexual appetite. Taking ALL of my meds, 60 mg of Cymbalta and 10 mg of Abilify. Weeeeee! Time to hit the Shower (Massage by Waterpick)!
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07 May 2008 @ 09:27 am
 Tribal FIre was great!  I enjoyed volunteering and managed to learn a great deal in an advanced caning class.  The kinky carnival was a scream! My booth was the salad toss and the one next to mine was Lord of the Cock Rings just to name a few.  I scened with Robyn Friday night and have marks that will last three weeks I bet. However I don't think she was as rough with me as she was in Seattle.   Saturday's Piercing 101 class went well.  I found the courage to sit on a spanking bench wearing only these pink panties and let Robyn demonstrate what the novice play piercer ought to know.  I went into the class a needle virgin and by the end of it I was allowing class participants to pierce me.  The fetish gala was fun and everybody looked great in their corsets and leather finery.  I went back to Elizabeth's in hopes of going out or something but she was content to clean house and didn't express an interest in going out.  Richard came home (Liz's) about midnight and we rolled up a few joints and watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on HBO.  I did call Katie but she was taking her kids to the zoo so I didn't get a chance to meet her for lunch this time.  I got home Sunday evening and talked to Paul who wants to see me ASAP.  Hooray!  Then I drove back to the city Sunday night/Monday morning and met this dude who failed to impress me in the bedroom.  I guess that serves me right for not waiting to see Paul. =(
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23 April 2008 @ 02:29 am
 He climbed on top of me and mounted me from behind with my vibrator on my clit. I awoke from a light sleep slightly startled and pleasantly surprised as I burst into orgasms. We had just fucked 3 hours ago and after a brief siesta we were starting over.  wow. I came my brains out.  I returned the flavor with a blowjob and grabbed the live vibrator and began buzzing under his cock and balls, He moaned in appreciation and erupted all over my chest and neck as we watched in the bathroom mirror,  I thanked him and we went our seperate ways. for now
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07 April 2008 @ 11:22 am
 Not likely to be a repeat offender. However did get some smokin hot pics of me. I can't believe I did that! Now what am I gonna do with these? Suggestions?
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06 April 2008 @ 09:28 pm
 "Meet me in an hour."  I quickly left and headed north in the big white Chevy.  This was nuts, but when HE calls, I come to cum. We met in the parking lot an hour later and I got in.  Instantly his hands were all over me.  Up my black shorts,beneath my Bob Marley shirt.  He showed me a house he was renting out next month.  We spent the next hour doing some pretty fancy fucking on the floor of the master bedroom.  I checked out the shower and as I was washing my face, I felt him behind me nibbling my ears.  He slipped a finger inside me. "Tell me, there's nobody else but me."  I laughed and he bit harder.  "ok motherfucker there's nobody else but you,today!" His reply was to bend me over and invade my ass which he knows I hate and he rarely gets to hit it.  I still had soap in my eyes!  He exploded for the third time with a groan,mumbling something  about being his. I didn't tell him on the ride home that I had a breakfast date with a guy just as horny in the morning. <grin> 
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26 March 2008 @ 01:34 pm

Another fine mess we're into.  We received a letter from VA that stated due to my husband's incarceration for a felony that his monthly benefits would be reduced to $115.  Soooo we went to Muskogee and talked to the Amvet dude,Dan.  We were finally able to gather information that apparently there was an inmate in IL using his name and ss#.  This guy has bounced in and out of prison for three years(but we don't know why).  I've spoken to the OKLA Atty Gen office and a few attorneys.  I'd explain more but I am about to contact the Atty Gen in IL and see where this gets me.

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15 March 2008 @ 10:31 pm
 "Room 29 at 11."  I hung up and grinned to myself.  It had been less than a week and he wanted to see me again.  It was 8:15 and I had to hurry.  I finished up in the kitchen and ran through the rinse cycle.  I chose a tan skirt and a black sweater.  After 2 sprays of "happy", I laced up my combat boots and kissed my beloved houdini who gave me instructions to have fun and drive safe.  My first stop was to see some friends.  I left for Kansas 30 minutes later on autopilot at 80 mph.  I arrived at the specified hotel and knocked an hour later.  He pulled me inside with kisses and gropes.  "You smell as good as you look",he breathed in my ear.  In one swift motion he unhooked my black bra and pulled off the sweater.  I unbuttoned his pants and our clothes puddled on the floor.  In six years of being together I had never seen him so excited.  I took him into my mouth slowly,swirling my tongue around as I sucked his cock.  He slid a finger deep inside of my sex and said " I need to fuck you right now."   First we lined up in our favorite position with him behind me with my knees together.  He filled me completely and I reached orgasm instantly.  What happened next could only be described on the pages of the karma sutra.  He put me where he wanted ,each time bottoming out inside me as he fucked me slow,deep,and hard.  I took 4 loads from his tight balls in the span of 2 hours and had countless orgasms.  After the post coital shower we again made plans to see each otheras soon as possible and I drove home a very happy woman. 
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12 March 2008 @ 09:24 am
 "Meet me at two and wear that red dress with nothing underneath it and put your hair up."  I hung up the phone and thought about him. It had been eight months since we were together and there had been nobody else.  I took a quick shower and styled my hair into a fast ponytail.  Added a coat of Manic Panic's "tramp" to my lips, a spritz of Giorgios's "red",slid into the requested dress,rescued my sandals from the brown dog and I was ready.  The hour drive north was beautiful.  I smoked half a joint and took the time to pleasure myself to almost orgasm.  I saw him sitting on the tailgate of his Ford,waiting for me.  I hopped in the white beast and we were off to the hotel with his hand on my thigh. I brought myself to the edge again until he returned with the key.  We climbed the stairs,pinching my ass until we entered 232.  I was naked in less than ten seconds,undressing him as our tongues battled like seasoned vets.  He pulled me to the bed.  I pushed him down and took him into my mouth until he took control from behind.  I cried out for him to fuck me harder over the weather channel.  He obliged and erupted within me.  We chit chatted as he recovered and then went another round. Finally it was shower time.  He drove me back to my car and made tenative plans for next week.  I can't wait.
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28 February 2008 @ 06:57 am
 Houdini woke me with soft caresses on the back of my thigh.,"Mamasita." I rubbed my eyes and accepted a diet coke.  It had been a tense two weeks.  We were civil but not cozy.  I immediately asked why he was being so nice to me. His smile began in his dark eyes and worked its way down.  "I love you more than life itself and I know we can work through this." We talked for eight hours.  I agreed to make some adjustments to my medicine which should theoretically make me less bitchy.  We're working on the sex thing and I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  Later that night he sent me to the moon with his talented tongue,renewing my spirit.  I made us pumpkin pie smoothies post bliss.  I fell asleep on his chest. I  knew that I was indeed loved and felt for just that moment in time all was right with the world.
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25 February 2008 @ 05:17 pm


Here's the background on the situation.

A few months ago, John McCain applied for and was approved to receive federal matching funds. Because he couldn't find enough people to fund his campaign, he was also forced to apply for a $4 million line of credit, which he secured by using the federal matching funds as collateral.

By taking the federal funding, he agreed to spend no more than $57 million until the Republican convention. But so far, his campaign has spent at least $49 million -- leaving him with less than $10 million to campaign with through September.

Now that he's won the nomination and has the support of the Republican lobbyist and special interest machine, he's trying to ignore that the whole thing ever happened. He recently wrote a letter to the FEC telling them that he was backing out, even though the FEC is very clear that any request to withdraw from the agreement must be approved; you can't just change your mind and take it back -- legally, you have to be given permission.

McCain isn't asking because he knows he'll never be granted permission, and he doesn't want to have to accept the funding restrictions he agreed to when he used the money as collateral for a loan. He's ripping a page right from George Bush's playbook: ignoring the laws when they aren't convenient and hoping no one will notice.

Stand up and show him that hundreds of thousands of people have noticed -- he can't change the rules in the middle of the game because he doesn't like how things are going for him:


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