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15 March 2008 @ 10:31 pm
 "Room 29 at 11."  I hung up and grinned to myself.  It had been less than a week and he wanted to see me again.  It was 8:15 and I had to hurry.  I finished up in the kitchen and ran through the rinse cycle.  I chose a tan skirt and a black sweater.  After 2 sprays of "happy", I laced up my combat boots and kissed my beloved houdini who gave me instructions to have fun and drive safe.  My first stop was to see some friends.  I left for Kansas 30 minutes later on autopilot at 80 mph.  I arrived at the specified hotel and knocked an hour later.  He pulled me inside with kisses and gropes.  "You smell as good as you look",he breathed in my ear.  In one swift motion he unhooked my black bra and pulled off the sweater.  I unbuttoned his pants and our clothes puddled on the floor.  In six years of being together I had never seen him so excited.  I took him into my mouth slowly,swirling my tongue around as I sucked his cock.  He slid a finger deep inside of my sex and said " I need to fuck you right now."   First we lined up in our favorite position with him behind me with my knees together.  He filled me completely and I reached orgasm instantly.  What happened next could only be described on the pages of the karma sutra.  He put me where he wanted ,each time bottoming out inside me as he fucked me slow,deep,and hard.  I took 4 loads from his tight balls in the span of 2 hours and had countless orgasms.  After the post coital shower we again made plans to see each otheras soon as possible and I drove home a very happy woman. 
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Jonathan: Bobrosstheservant on March 16th, 2008 08:47 am (UTC)
4 in 2! I am impressed.

You should join and post this in either or both of good_sex and greatsex!